Lordy Lorde

If you haven’t already heard of Lorde, you’re probably living under a rock. This Australian native has been blowing up the news—and the charts—for the last few months. And with good reason: Lorde is a completely new side of pop music with the voice of an angel and the hair of a goddess (seriously, I’d kill for that hair). Inspired by Top 40 pop and her low-key home life, she calls the music industry out on their BS and writes all her own music. Plus she’s only sixteen, which makes me really consider what I’ve been doing with my life.

Lorde’s style—much like her personality—is refreshing, elegant, and just a little badass. She’s into black and white, long ladylike dresses, clean lines, and whatever she can find at the thrift stores. She somehow makes fishnets look awesome (evidence that she is superhuman), and she says she’s only recently discovered her obsession with pants, which is fine because she rocks leather jogging pants. She often wears a bold lip color or thick, winged eyeliner, and simple jewelry, and always flaunts her flawless hair (hair is the best accessory). Despite her style taking a backseat to her raw talent, she still always looks edgy and wonderful.

Lorde’s sound matches her style; it gives off a chilling, crisp vibe that makes you want to walk around in a leather jacket at night. If you’ve already heard Royals enough times to know every downbeat by heart, you’ll be happy to know that her album Pure Heroine is equally as sincere, catchy, and energizing. I’ve probably listened to it through at least twice in the last three days.

If her rapid rise to fame is anything to go off of, I don’t think Lorde will be leaving the spotlight anytime soon, a well-deserved product of her talent, innovation, and creativity.

P.S. If you’re not sure what all the fuss is about (and you are .1% of the population), catch her on VH1’s You Oughta Know.


Article by Alexa Epstein. Images sourced from Tumblr.