All Black Everything

Every week, Pull This Off will feature a wishlist of the drool-worthy things that everyone should be lusting after. Looking at different pieces of in-the-moment fashion, images, items, and more can help get your creative juices flowing; hopefully, that inspiration will translate into creating some amazing outfits of your own. Some things in these wishlists are reasonable and some are out-of-this-world, but a girl can dream...right? 

Award-winning and influential fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto once said that "black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy -- but mysterious. But above all black says this: 'I don't bother you -- don't bother me." I've adopted this as my own personal mantra and hopefully, after devouring this Weekly Wishlist, you will too. There's something undeniably sexy and chic about an all-black ensemble; wether it's a slinky black dress or a napkin skort, anyone can truly pull it off. Check out some bloutfit inspiration, as well as five must-have black items: 

1. Himalaya Sneakers by Bernard Willhelm X Camper: Can you say true love? Now, these exceptional pieces of fine art are not for the faint of heart: they need a confident, fashion-foward rockstar to pull them off! Can you handle the heat? Created by fashion renegade Bernhard Willhelm in collaboration with Camper, these sick sneaks have an edgy yet sporty aesthetic that will go with absolutely anything you pair them with. Though also come in blue and white, black is the way to go to achieve that eye-chatching, chic flair that everyone desires. So, what are you waiting for? The Himalayas are calling your name! 

2. Ichiban Rude Boys Do It Better Sweatshirt: Do it like Rihanna and preach this mantra across your chest. I mean, if the queen of crazy fashion can sing it, why not wear it? Made from 100% cotton, to create a soft jersey fabric, this sweatshirt is not only fun to wear but also super comfortable. The sweatshirt's label, Ichiban, means "number one" and "best" in Japanese and here at Pull This Off, it has been decided that this sweatshirt should be "number one" on everyone's holiday wishlists. Paired with jeans and sneakers for a laid-back look or a mini skirt and sky-high heels to take on the town, this statement-maker will never let you down! 

3. Keepsake Happy Alone Playsuit: Let's just start off by saying that Aussie brand Keepsake has got it right calling this dreamy one-piece a playsuit instead of a "romper!" I mean, who can really romp around in a one-piece; instead, go out and play in your playsuit! But really, this beautiful black ensemble is not only an effortless look but also a detailed, creative, and sartorially pleasing work of art. The deep V-neck, complemented by a layered, ruffled A-line waisted and slim fitting shorts, is flattering for almost every body type. It's all black, it's reasonably priced, and it's a ready-to-wear outfit. Whip out those Visas and add this bad boy to your'll regret it otherwise! 

4. Isabel Marant pour H&M Leather Pants: The moment everyone on planet Earth has been waiting for...ISABEL MARANT FOR H&M! If you're a reader similar to contributing writer Sam and don't know who the eff Isabel Marant is, please go away. Right now. For those of you who are as enamored with the Parisan designer as I am, please read on! Marant's highly-anticpated collection for popular retailer H&M debuted on November 14th, and by the time I reached my downtown H&M these heavenly leather pants were long-gone in my size. BOO! Nonetheless these are still an investment, clocking in at a steep $299, but compared to Marant's usual pricing, they seem to be quite the steal. Real leather, real stitches, real hottness: The styling possibilities are truly endless, and the amount of compliments you will receive on your derrière will also be endless once you rock these out on a GNO.    

5. Red Line Men's Spark Chronograph Watch: I love women in men's watches; personally, I find that women's watches are too flamboyant and girly for my taste, but that's just me. With three watches on heavy rotation (a black and silver Red Line, a silver Omega, and a brown leather and gold Timex) I can knowledgeably state that the proper watch can be the finishing and perfunctory touch on any amazing outfit. This particular Red Line watch is masculine but still beautiful enough for the most delicate women to wear! It's sleek black finish with bold white type is subtle yet statement-making. Imagine wearing it with your favorite bloutfit...or your workout gear...or a summer sundress...or anything!