Krazy for Kanye

If you haven't at least caught wind of the media buzz that has been storming up around Kanye West's controversial music video for his song Bound2, you need to get your head out of that Playboy magazine and log onto Youtube right away.

As usual, the self-proclaimed "genius" sparked major dissension with this peculiar piece of art filled with nature clips, greenscreens, a prominent motorcycle, a pair of drop-crotch pants, some plaid, and a certain scantily-clad new mother. After watching the four minute and ten second music video not once...not twice...but six times, I am still inconclusive about my feelings for it. Nonetheless I am notorious for thinking everything is artistic (not an understatement...I thought Don Jon was artistic, I thought Spring Breakers was's okay, you can judge) so my undecided perspective on Kanye's newest vid may not be anything less than "artistic." 

So go ahead. Watch it. I double dog dare you. And when you do, comment your opinions. What do you really think baby Nori is going to say in a few years when she sees her parental units going to town on a prop motorcycle? Spill Your Mind.