Tatted Up

Every week, Pull This Off will feature a wishlist of the drool-worthy things that everyone should be lusting after. Looking at different pieces of in-the-moment fashion, images, items, and more can help get your creative juices flowing; hopefully, that inspiration will translate into creating some amazing outfits of your own. Some things in these wishlists are reasonable and some are out-of-this-world, but a girl can dream...right? 

Permanence of any kind can be terrifying, but when it comes to tattoos, that fear seems to disintegrate immediately. Getting inked up can indicate highly-personal sentimentality or drunken escapades or a YOLO moment; here at Pull This Off, we're obsessed with tattoos large and small. Your body is a canvas, so why not decorate it with some art of your own? Though we (currently) choose to express ourselves through the kickass clothes we adorn ourselves with, creative types by the likes of Marc Jacobs and others celebrate their individuality with some badass tats of their own. Not everyone can agree with going "under the needle," but sneaking a peak at this powerful Weekly Wishlist won't hurt you one bit: 

1. Kara Lyne Szabadi by Jenna Bumgardner
2. Spencer Hare by Idris + Tony
3. Jamie Bochert via Tumblr
4. Joshua by Gareth Rhys for Trap Magazine
5. Hildie Gifstad by John Ciamillo
6. Marc Jacobs by Mark Seliger for New York Magazine
7. by Nelson Vieira for H Magazine October 2012
8. Image via Tumblr