High & Mighty

Every week,  Pull This Off will feature an eight-item wishlist of the drool-worthy things that everyone should be lusting after. Looking at different pieces of in-the-moment fashion, images, items, and more can help get your creative juices flowing; hopefully, that inspiration will translate into creating some amazing outfits of your own. Some things in these wishlists are reasonable and some are out-of-this-world, but a girl can dream...right? 


1. DANNIJO Indie Necklace:    Hello, handsome. This necklace haunts my dreams at night - all I want is to wear it around my neck on the daily! The bright, eye-catching Swarovski crystals against the gunmetal plated necklaces offers instant glamour, focus, and drama to any outfit paired with it.   

2. Scotch & Soda Silky Baseball Jacket with Oriental Embroideries: If model extraordinaire Cara Delevingne can rock it, anyone can. I've been drooling after this game-changer ever since it debuted; it's unique color combination, slim fit, oriental embroideries, and bad-ass vibe make this jacket an extremely essential investment. When this bad boy joins my outerwear collection, it will be in heavy rotation, no questions asked.  

 3. NIKE Air Max Metallic Leather Sneakers in Silver:  Leandra Medine says they're A+ and ghetto fabulous; I agree, and think that they're a must have. My obsession with sneakers took a whole new route when I fell in love with this eye-catching sneaks. These are an ultimate staple, and could definitely dress any outfit up, add some bling to a blackfit (all-black outfit), and even replace the need for heels. Who needs diamonds when you can have silver metallic Nikes? 

 4. Electric Knoxville XL Sunglasses: I am a self-proclaimed sunglasses whore and proud to admit it. Although I have an abnormal face shape and most sunglasses that I lust after don't flatter me at all, nothing could stop me from scouring departments stores, magazines, websites, and strangers on the street for my next kickass pair. These reflective shades caught my eye on one of these aforementioned searches. Can you say Hoooooly Fuck These Are The Shit? I did. I'm 95% sure they're mens sunglasses (but hello, that's never stopped anyone) and 110% sure they wouldn't flatter my face shape at all, but the orange-to-yellow ombré reflection and clear frames make it attainable to check out everyone's breastuses and asses risk free, all while looking cool. 

 5. Equipment Shane Cashmere Sweater with Arrow: Sob-story of the day: I tried on this very sweater at Neiman Marcus and absolutely adored it almost as much as I adore decadent chocolate cake but my reasons for buying this phenomenal garment (1. it's Equipment. 2. It is super slimming, super flattering, and super soft. 3. It's black and white aka it will go with everything and I will wear it at least twice a week.) were not justified by my loyal shopping parter, my mother. Long story short the sweater still remains, lonely, on a Neiman Marcus rack and not in the warm, crowded spaces of my closet. However, it is 30% off on Shopbop so this decision may have to be considered...nonetheless, this sweater (and even all of it the knock-offs) is one of the most versatile items on the market. It's simple yet defining design and basic color scheme makes it a perfect layering and statement piece for any outfit in almost any season. It truly is perfection. 

6. Céline Small Luggage in Spazzolato Black Calfskin: Out of all of the handbags in the world, my all-time favorite designer is Céline. Their simple, clean-cut, and versatile aesthetic is absorbed into their handbag collections, making them astoundingly life-changing investments. Obviously there is no chance I will be owning this beautiful bag any time soon, but I will continue to spend days...and weeks...and months...and years envisioning it accompany me on all of my wild adventures. 

7. Diesel Mr. Daddy Watch in Black: Every time I visit the mall (i.e. everyday) I wander into Diesel to admire their watches. And who wouldn't? I am extremely drawn to masculine watches, and this Mr. Daddy bad boy is no exception. It's online description reads "when one watch just won't do, wear four. With two parts analog, one part digital, and one part chronograph, this mega-oversized watch may be easy to read, but it's not easy to take your eyes off of it" and frankly, I couldn't agree more. 

8. Evil Twin Freezer Burn Tunic: This tunic is Miley-meets-Everything-Your-Priestess-Mother despises and it truly doesn't get any better than that. ASOS is a website where you can find anything and everything, and this blue-flame, sheer masterpiece is no exception. Pair it with leather skinnies and a skin-tight black cashmere sweater for a more reserved approach, or bare it all with a black bodysuit underneath for the ultimate wild child look. Be prepared to see me rockin' this in the months to come. 


All images courtesy of respective linked websites.