Cyber Monday

Let's set the scene.

Armed with your laptop, iPad, and smartphone, you type ferociously, clutching your credit card(s) in a sweaty hand. The clock is ticking, the screens are flashing, your heart is racing - it's Cyber Monday, bitches, and it's time to get real. 

For those of you who endured Black Friday's jam-packed shopping malls (filled with Red Bull-fueled soccer moms, whiny tweens, and near-broke college students) and survived (without broken bones, concussions, or some killer bruises) you've got major guts. You braved the real-world Purge or shopping and made it out alive! Mazal Tov. Nonetheless there is a large percentage of the population that would rather stay cozy in their warm beds than battle Mrs. Rubenstein and Mr. Scott for the last GTA 5 video game at Best Buy. I don't blame you; in fact, I applaud you. And so does the rest of the world...the online world, that is. Today is Cyber Monday, the Black Friday of the internet created in order to force all of us lazy (yet well-rested, well-fed, and all in one piece) bums to whip out the dough to score some of the best deals of the year. But who is complaining? Not anyone I know.

The World Wide Web, however, is a never-ended lagoon of online-shopping wonderlands. You may think you know where to spend that Cyber Monday moolah, but trust don't. No really. You really don't.  That's why Pull This Off is here to save the day; check out the gallery below to discover three of my favorite fashion-filled sites that are offering the most worthwhile deals for Cyber Monday. Why doesn't love a reason to shop?! 

1. Nasty Gal: All of Pull This Off's readers are definite Nasty Gals, the coolest girls in the room‚ pulling off whatever wildly unique piece that suits the mood! A phenomenally curated site with the most astounding, out-of-this-world, and impeccable pieces, Nasty Gal is the place to go to find the outfits that will set you apart from the crowd. Snag the 30% site-wide discount to make yourself the nastiest girl in town! 

2. ASOS: This is by far my favorite e-commerce mecca on the web. Be prepared to find anything and everything you could ever possibly need and want! From high-end designer dreams to inexpensive, knock-off beauties, ASOS literally offers you the world of fashion and more. The promo code GIMMEMORE will give you 30% off of absolutely everything site-wide until 3PM on December 4th, so you have plenty of time to curate the wardrobe of your dreams! 

3: The OUTNET:  Welcome to designer-deal heaven. On the daily, The OUTNET offers thousands of pieces from Isabel Marant to Adidas with incredible discounts and price reductions. What more is there to love? Look luxe for less by clicking on over to take advantage of up to 85% off over two-hundred-fifty different designer's goods! What are you waiting for?