The Chop

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Yesterday a girl I know tweeted "Short hair is so in." I have never read anything more true than that simple tweet. Coincidentally yesterday was also the day I chopped seven inches off of my hair. But let's start from the beginning, shall we?

Long gone are the days of flowing horse manes. Short hair is definitely here to stay, not just for me but for all babes in this universe. For me, everything started back in November when I was thinking about going white blonde. Can you believe it?! I wanted to do something drastic, something different, something to change my whole appearance. Nevertheless I ditched the peroxide idea (for now!), and after hours of hardcore contemplation, I knew what I wanted to do: I wanted to Chop It All Off.

I honestly struggled with the idea for some time; all throughout preschool, elementary school, and grade school I had short short short hair. With a particularly round face and other detrimental features (cough, massive unibrow and pre-mature boobies) the short crop just wasn't the best look, yet I kept going back to it year after year. And hated it intensely. So why was I now, as a junior in high school, contemplating to returning to the horrific hairstyle I once despised? After I spent months upon years growing it out? What was I thinking? Did Whole Foods spike my Black Chia Kombucha with LSD? Was I having hallucinatory thoughts about bringing back the bowl cut?!

Well, first and foremost my almost-to-my-belly-button hair was dead. It was dry (even though the only time I use product or blow dry it is when I get my hair cut) and always tangled into a rats nest of hell, and I rarely brush my hair so that just made everything so much worse. My only options were to wear it with my naturally stick-straight style with my infamous butt-cut (aka a center part) or throw it up into a very messy high ponytail. My efforts to keep my hair looking fresh without upstaging my sometimes five-foot-three fame were futile. By December, it was time for a change. And change I did.

Yesterday, on January 8th at approximately 5:15pm, my devoting hairstylist Phoebe chopped seven inches off of my head. That's right: SEVEN INCHES. I admit, I was terrified. Long hair acts as a special security blanket that is extremely difficult to give away. Even Anne Hathaway admitted that when she had to chop off all of her hair for Les Misérables, she cried. Although I didn't cry, my subconscious started catastrophizing intensely as Phoebe washed my hair. How was I going to conceal my bloated face after a Sugarlicious candy binge with my everlasting brunette curtain? How could I hide my notorious mountains of breast tissue if I didn't have long hair? I refrained from speaking my worries allowed as Phoebe snapped her scissors around my scalp; I watched anxiously as long wisps of gross brown hair floated around and stuck to my white Theory sweater, then down to the floor. YUCK. However, when I finally looked in the mirror, I was speechless. HOLY SHIT! I thought to myself. I ACTUALLY LOOK GOOD! It was as if a whole new life was just breathed into my hair follicles. No, I did not feel like a whole new woman, because it was still the same blue-eyed girl staring back at me in the mirror, just with a new 'do. However I did feel empowered, more beautiful, and happier. My hair was shiny, sexy, superb.

Nonetheless some changes with my wardrobe have to be changed to fit the new hair. To avoid being confused for a wee lil' sprout, I'll have to up my outfit game. No complaints there! Lower cut shirts, either deep V-necks or slightly scooped cuts to reveal the collarbone are the most flattering to my fre$h new locks. Not going to lie, I am still a little shocked that I cut my hair so short (even though it's not really that short at all) and now, I would even encourage everyone and anyone to take the plunge. Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, and other young beauties have started to rock the look, but OBVIOUSLY we're all so much cooler than them so we'll all just look better than they do with short hair. Right...? 

It may not be white blonde, but I, Molly Mintz, do hereby declare that I love my new hair.

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