Adventures at the Art Museum

I am a visual learner, an abstract thinker, a creative explorer. Inspiration doesn't strike from behind a desk -- to spark my brain's gears into motion, I look at the world around me. Constantly striving to expose myself to new people, places, perspectives, and more, I adventured downtown to Denver's Art Museum and Museum of Contemporary Art this past Saturday, accompanied by one of my best friends who happens to be an incredible photographer and artist herself. I had been trapped in a creative rut for a weeks, making such a massive dose of visual stimulation vital.

We soaked in the works of Roy Lichtenstein, Henri Matisse, Mark Mothersbaugh, and more. Since you couldn't join us on our journey, I thought I would be so kind as to provide you with a photo diary of our euphoric experience. I hope that some of our happiness radiates from the screen into your subconscious, so much so that you'll grab a friend (or two!) and make your way to your local art museum. There is so much wonder waiting to be witnessed, and who knows? Maybe you'll find it in yourself to be the next big painter of our generation. 

Molly Mintz photographed wearing a Raf Simons men's neoprene shirt (worn as dress), Cole Haan booties, Alexander Wang handbag, and Chanel aviators with Madeline Hicks at the Denver Art Museum and Museum of Contemporary Art on Saturday, November 8, 2014.