True Weirdness Captured on Film

Having beautiful best friends is one thing, but having extraordinarily talented best friends is another. I happen to have one that is the entire package deal: accomplished, layered, humorous, stunning, intellectual, curious... the list goes on and on. A mastermind behind a camera and a wizard with a pencil or paintbrush in her hand, I am honored to consistently be the subject of her various creative endeavors. World, meet Madeline Hicks -- sometimes Maddie, but never Mads.

Approximately one week ago, Maddie drove me all around Denver to film a video portrait of, well, myself. And I've never had so much fun. The four-minute film entirely captures the essence of my personality -- if you do not know me personally, you may be shocked to discover how truly bizarre I am. (Yes, my voice is actually always that raspy, but no, I don't usually blink that much.) Although I am always laughing. Maddie captured my horrible dancing skills, contorted faces, double chins, and more. Humiliating myself on a daily basis is one of my favorite activities... isn't it yours?

If you've already stopped reading to watch the video, I might as well clarify that no alcoholic beverages or prescription pills were consumed during the making of this film. We shot in Downtown Denver, after all; the beer bottle I am holding was found in the dirt (I can't even drink beer) and I found the empty pill bottle in an alleyway. Obviously, I really like picking up discarded trash off the ground. I also love being myself and goofing off with my best friend. I hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed making it, and if the song gets stuck in your head like it did mine, we can sing it together. Did I mention I'm tone deaf?