My mom is the most incredible woman I know. Who else would sacrifice her Thursday morning to not only excuse her daughter from class, but then chauffeur her downtown... to go shopping? Yes, that's right. My mother is a godsend. 

Today is not just any ordinary Thursday. Missing AP U.S. History wasn't too heavy on my heart (attention college admissions counselors who may be reading this: I promise I'm a stellar student!), because the happenings of a certain Swedish global retailer held much more excitement that the dreary desks of my high school. Today, Alexander Wang's highly-anticipated collection for H&M launched, and I had to have it. 

Of all of the designers in the world, Alex Wang is my favorite. His luxuriously edgy and sporty aesthetic is the epitome of my own style. When I got my first job working at a candy store, I saved paychecks for months and, with the help of birthday and holiday money, bought myself one of his beautiful Rockie handbags. A staple of my wardrobe and by far the best (and most) money I have ever spent, my obsession with Wang deepens as I pour over runway recaps each season; if I could clothe myself in head-to-toe Wang designs every day, I wouldn't think twice. That's why when I heard that he was H&M's newest collaborator, I couldn't contain myself. If I remember correctly, I almost cried.

Last November my mother and I embarked on the traffic-heavy journey downtown to shop famed Parisian Isabel Marant's collection for H&M. Each year, the retailer selects a high-profile designer to conceive a collaborative collection for the store, and Marant was the first debut I had discovered to be worthwhile. The thrill of purchasing designer wares at an extremely reduced price, scouring the racks for the last of the sizes that fit my physique and smiling back at my reflection in the mirror when I realized the tee fit as perfectly as I imagined an actual Marant design to drape, is indescribable. This is coming from a girl obsessed with fashion; someone else's experiences trying on such clothes would most likely differ immensely from my own. But the euphoria of parading into H&M this morning, accompanied by my loyally supportive mother, was a dream come true. Metallic racks of neoprene clothes hung invitingly, their stark shades of black, grey, white, and neon beckoning me. At least half of the collection was already sold-out; it seems that a plethora of other Coloradans share my taste in fashion. I scooped up more items than my arms would allow and paraded into the fitting rooms. The clothes, at least from my perspective, run small -- but that did not stop me from swapping sizes and falling in love with what I saw in the mirror. Wang's more affordable collection is cool, athletic, and definitely boundary-pushing; made with materials custom-blended in Italy, every piece from scuba dresses to sweatshirts actually act as performance wear and can be worn for legitimate workouts. Not that I needed any more convincing to fall in love with #ALEXANDERWANGXHM. I settled on two garments: gorgeously-fitting leather jogging pants and surprisingly chic athletic shorts. Still expensive, these pieces are still exponentially less pricey than anything Wang features in department stores, and will be definite wardrobe staples for years to come. 

I count my lucky stars to have a mother as stupendous as mine. After all, if it wasn't for her, I would've been sitting in history class, focused on Thomas Jefferson rather than H&M's Wang-topia. And where's the fun is that? 

Molly Mintz photographed at H&M wearing a Nike sports bra, Garnet Hill sweater, vintage SilverTab Levi's jeans, Nike sneakers, Wilfred jacket, Alexander Wang handbag, and Chanel aviators, accompanied by Lisa Mintz.