Let's Get It On for New Year's Eve



Are you the kind of person that is excited about writing resolutions? Or are you looking forward to guzzling champaign? The answer you pick shows a lot about your character, some say. I choose to view each new year as a clean slate; while others in my life may not forgive me for wrongdoings from earlier in the year, I choose to forgive myself for any mistakes I've made, promises I've broken, or opportunities I've missed. There is no point in starting a new year feeling guilty about what I was unable to accomplish in the past year! I definitely do not believe that a new year makes a "new me", so I write resolutions that aren't necessarily measurable quantitatively. I want my resolutions to encourage me to work towards being a better person all the time. This year, I want to resolve to spend more time on my feet than on my couch, say or think three positive affirmations about myself or someone else for every negative blip I let slip, and to read more. (Every year I vouch that I will absolutely stop biting my nails, but that never happens. So maybe this year I won't even bother.) 

Regardless, today is still December 30th, and the main thought on my mind in relation to New Year's Eve is what I am going to wear. However, wherever, (whoever?) and whatever you're doing to ring in the New Year, it's important to do it in style and with smiles. Your outfit might be killer, but happiness is the most attractive quality! I'm celebrating with tacos and my best friend; you might be celebrating with NyQuil and your pillow, but who is to judge? Your pajamas can still be chic, and you'll absolutely feel much more well-rested in the morning than I will. 

If you, like me, are still perfecting your NYE lewk, let me lend a helping hand. Call it my first good deed going into 2015. This Weekly Wishlist is a moodboard replete with beautiful, confident, accomplished women that have inspired me this past year  – women whose ensembles are just as influential as their attitudes. Let Daria's casual coolness and Rihanna's bedazzled booty encourage not only a closet epiphany (or a quick trip to the nearest vintage store) but also empower you to be the best, most hardworking woman you can be in 2015. Here at Pull This Off, we're package-deal women: Well-dressed with an appetite for success. And no matter what you wear, what you write down, and what you do to ring in 2015, remember blast Marvin Gaye as the clock strikes midnight. Let's get it on.