Back on Track

I pride myself on my intensely healthy diet and workout lifestyle; I don't use "diet" because what I am enduring is not a temporary change in the slightest. No gluten or dairy foods (thanks, stomach problems!) few sweets, and intensive workouts on the daily is what I live for. Nonetheless I am simply human and some days are better than others. Today I gorged on a massive mag of delicious candies (Mike & Ike's, gummy Peach O's, and Chewy Sprees, mind you) and despite many trips to the water closet, I don't regret succumbing to the colorful candy wall at Sugarlicious. Tomorrow is a new day, and I'm ready to kick ass (and sweat out all that sugar) after surviving another day of school. After horribly failing my last fitspo-attempt, this new-and-improved Weekly Wishlist will hopefully serve a kickstart to toning up my bod tomorrow at the gym... and not as a forceful measure for another handful of sweets. Who's with me?