Admiring From Afar: Coachella Weekend One

From my last post, it is blatantly obvious that I was not dressed in my festival clothing living the dream in Indio, California, as I may or may not have spent the majority of that weekend scrolling through pictures on Tumblr. I swear I'm cool, guys. Nevertheless, nestled in my bed late Sunday night as the first weekend of Coachella came to its bittersweet close, I had an epiphany.

While I may have missed surprise performances by Queen B and everyone's favorite Hollaback Girl, as well as the killer party thrown in honor of Alex Wang's upcoming collection with H&M, I didn't miss the opportunity to see the stellar outfits (that survived the desert sandstorm) of the world's most fashionable (and even the random concert-goers). In this day and age of celebrity-obsession, the ensembles can be deemed even more important than the musical acts, so it only seems fitting to share what I believe to be the best Coachella Weekend One looks. Doesn't this slideshow just make you hate pretty people? 

Everyone has their own opinion and is entirely entitled to it, so while I may be stating my personal one so openly within the coded pages of this blog, I want to hear yours. The comments section wants to crown you Joan Rivers, and frankly I just want to hear what you think is hot and...well, what you think is not. Who should've been on this list? Who shouldn't? While I anxiously wait to see what everyone wore to Weekend Two, I wanna hear from you. If this post gets enough commentary, "Admiring From Afar" could become a common segment here on Pull This Off. And I know you all want that to happen so badly, so come on: Come up with a clever pen name and bitch away. I'M WAITING!