There's a First Prom for Everyone

Please pity this first attempt at a personal style post (all fashion bloggers feature them, and this wouldn't truly be my own fashion blog if I didn't include at least a few personal style posts, would it?) as I attempt to showcase the magnificence of all things prahhhhm. In most instances, putting together the prom outfit is almost as fun as the night itself... unless you are like me and hold a strong distaste for dress shopping. Yes, I know it is shocking that the Queen Shopaholic hates shopping for dresses. But listen: when you are proportioned such as I (petite with am ample bust, muscularly large behind, broad shoulders, and an itsy-bitsy stomach/waist/whatever you want to call it, as I seem to constantly reiterate on this blog) dress shopping is a dreadful, almost impossible task. I don't know how Kim Kardashian, the celebrity whose body-type I most identify with, can tolerate it; most formal dresses need to be altered dramatically to ensure you don't drown in a sea of silk, and the dresses specifically designed to fit our body type are typically not the most beautiful. Okay, that's an understatement.. in my opinion, they are usually heinous. Nonetheless, seeing as my first of two proms of this spring occurred just over a month ago, it is only suitable that I share the triumphs of Prom #1's luxurious ensemble. 

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 4.43.25 PM.png

I attended my own high school's senior prom with one of my close friends, and as we are both strongly fashion-minded individuals, being #BestDressed was an obvious must. In the weeks preceding the grand event I envisioned myself dancing the night away in a floor-length, grey satin gown. However, after searching for this dress of my dreams in every department store and boutique in Colorado, as well as every major clothing website, I became exasperated. This basic grey sheath apparently does not exist. I was about to "settle" for a gorgeous blue gown when fate aligned in my favor in an unforgettable twist of events; I found exactly the dress I was looking for, save for a slight color difference, in a random Italian clothing store nestled in Cherry Creek North, a popular shopping district in central Denver. I couldn't help but cry tears of sweet, glorious joy. (Do you think I am kidding? Because I am not!) 

The gown, a gorgeous champagne-creme color, is vintage Gianni Versace. I teamed it with cobalt YSL heels that feature a detailed snakeskin print, and finished off the look with vintage bejeweled rings, courtesy of my devoted mother, and Miguel Ases earrings. Surprisingly enough I took a glamorous approach to my ensemble, which was a definite step outside of my comfort zone; I typically lean towards a badass-meets-sporty style, complete with lots and lots of black. Regardless I achieved an unintentional Marilyn Monroe appeal, and as the night waned on into the wee hours of the night, I have never felt more beautiful in my life.