Admiring From Afar: Met Ball 2014

For those of you whom are unknowing of the importance of tonight's festivities: currently in the city that never sleeps, the world's most elite are toasting their champagne glasses in celebration of 2014's Costume Institute Gala, commonly referenced as the Met Ball or Met Gala.

Serving as the annual fundraising gala for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute and the opening celebration for the Institute's prestige yearly fashion exhibit, the Met Ball is primarily the most exclusive social event in all of New York. And that's saying something, seeing as almost every high-profile gathering in NYC is elitist. Nonetheless all of your favorite celebrities, models, and socialites aren't donning their fanciest attire just to go "hard in the paint," so to speak. This fundraiser actually raises an extreme amount of funds to support the Met; last year's Met Gala raised a reported nine million dollars! Every year since 1971 the Ball has been held at the museum itself and boats a diverse attendance of arts, fashion, and entertainment personalities that make up the fashion industry's most important red carpet event. American Vogue editor-in-chief (AKA the woman responsible for putting Kimye, a hashtag, and the world "selfie" on the cover of the April issue) Anna Wintour has chaired the Met Ball since 1995, formatting the event with a distinct theme (correlating with whatever fashion exhibit the Met is currently opening) that is accompanied by a cocktail hour and formal dinner. The ticket allegedly costs $25,000 per guest. This year's theme is Charles James: Beyond Fashion

If this albeit condensed history and description is boring you, just think of the Met Ball as the insane Bat Mitzvah your classmate Rebecca Shwartz had in seventh grade that you weren't invited to because you always had pit stains after gym class. 

Obviously, since the Met Ball is a fashion event thrown by Anna Wintour at the Metropolitan Museum in New York where only the most fashion-forward induviudals attend, the ensembles take center stage. This year's dress code called for head-to-toe elegance in relation to the "Charles James" theme, as Charles James was a British fashion designer who was known as America's principal couturier. In this day and age, immediate satisfaction is ingrained into our generation's DNA; technology makes it as easy as a clicking a button to allow thousands of individuals to see what is actually happening in real time. This being true, anyone with access to Instagram would have acknowledged the fact that Rihanna's overly-famous account has merely disappeared right as the Ball kicks into full swing. Kim, obviously donning Lanvin, accidentally flashed her blue undies and Cara's wearing pants. You can scroll what's happening on your cell and you can see it here, as I've compliled my personal list of the best dressed induvidals at this year's Met Ball for us to admire from afar. After all, what else am I supposed to do on the eve before my AP Spanish Lang test? 

Twenty eight images, twenty eight plus perfect human beings. My personal favorites of the night are Rosie (her date was Oliver Rousteing, and his gorgeous Balmain creation was drop-dead-to-die-for-stunning on the supermodel), Zoe Kravitz (sex, personified), Nicole Richie (ethereal lavender goddess creature) and Rihanna (need I say more?). There are definitely some controversial picks in the slideshow, namely Lupita and Katie, so in the comments section below, stake your claim on your personal opinion. Tell me how it is. Do you hate Tom Brady? You CANNOT hate Gisele. Admire from afar and tell me who your best and worst dressed of the 2014 Met Ball are in three....twooo.....ONEEE!