Are You Ready To Get Unplugged?


Did you ever think I would transcribe those words on a Monday? Neither did I. But it's not any ordinary Monday -- yes, it's Joan Jett's birthday and on this day in 1862, good ol' President Abraham Lincoln issued that preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, but those historical events are meaningless compared to what today is actually all about: TIDBITTS IS LIVE!

But wait... What's TidBitts? Why am I so excited? Why is the sky blue? You, sir, have a lot of questions. It's a good thing I have more than enough answers. Are you sitting down? You probably should. My news is big.

I am exponentially proud to announce that I am a part of the new content-sharing app TidBitts. I have been working furiously for weeks, keeping this exciting project secret from everyone besides my birth-giver (hey, Mom!), and now it is my utmost honor to be able to share what I've been putting my heart and soul into.

TidBitts is an app available on all smartphones and online that enables subscribers to access exclusive content from various authors, celebrities, experts. (I'm one of those "experts!") Content is bite-sized, meaning that you can read, watch, or listen to each TidBitt in sixty seconds. 

Pull This Off now features it's own TidBitts Stream entitled Pull This Off, Unplugged. Never fear -- I will still posting in my typical sporadic fashion to this blog, but every Monday I will be providing my TidBitts subscribers with exclusive content that will not only be more informative on subjects concerning fashion, music, and art than the articles I feature here, but will also be more journalistic and endearing. If you love, you're going to love Pull This Off, Unplugged: An interview with a gorgeous fashion model, coverage from Fashion Week, and more are already waiting for your thirsty eyes and ears on my TidBitts Stream! It will cost you one dollar a month to access Pull This Off, Unplugged, and even though I am in agreement with the Wu-Tang Clan, I ensure you that your monthly dollar paid towards, well, me, is extremely well spent. And hey, the first month is free! 

I truly am so incredibly excited about this opportunity and I hope you will join me along for this wild ride. Pull This Off is growing and expanding (just like my waistline) and it wouldn't be possible without your readership. Today is Monday, TidBitts is live, and it's a great day to Unplug, Pull This Off style.