Join My Cult. Please?



Do you know who this gorgeous girl is? Well, you won't find out... until you subscribe to my "Pull This Off, Unplugged" TidBitts Stream. I interviewed this young model and got exclusive insight on her perspective of her industry; the only way for you to access is to read on, because today is Monday and my first TidBitt is LIVE! What a great Monday, if you ask me.

Last week I excitedly transcribed Pull This Off's newest venture. The article generated a unanimously excited albeit confused response; it seems as if the majority of my loyal readers are still confused about what TidBitts actually is. For that, I apologize. I was so excited about this new opportunity that I wasn't clear enough about what the actual opportunity is. Let me answer all your questions with this quick n' easy video created by TidBitts, which perfectly explains how the app works and what it's purpose is. Hopefully that will clear up your confusion so we can back to business.

I want you to join my cult. Is that creepy? I admit, I am kind of creepy. And very weird. And... I am also kidding -- I don't have a cult, but I do have a Stream. For just one dollar a month you can not only support me but enjoy my writing. I promise that you will learn more about fashion, art, and music from an unbiased, informational, and journalistic perspective without wasting time; there are so little hours in the day and even I would much rather catch up on episodes of Ray Donovan than read over one of my own super-long blog posts. That's why TidBitts is innovative and exciting; as a subscriber, you can access my content wherever you are, wherever you want, just by opening the app on your tablet, smartphone, or logging onto the TidBitts website online. Every article, complete with vivid photography, audio, and/or video, is concise enough that you will be able to absorb it in no more than a minute. You're not wasting time, and I'm not wasting words -- it's a definite win-win situation.

I'll even break the steps down so you don't even have to utilize brain power. How nice am I? 

To subscribe to "Pull This Off, Unplugged" first click on over to its online page. See the link? Yes, right there. Click it. You will see a green box with white lettering instructing you to SUBSCRIBE. I have even enlarged it below, because I know some of you are "older" and "need reading glasses." What is this, a center for ants? Exactly. So, obviously, your next move will be to click this aforementioned SUBSCRIBE button.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 9.38.12 PM.png

Now you will be prompted to register for TidBitts. Provide your email, password, and a password confirmation, then agree to the Terms and Conditions (because I know, and everyone knows, you won't actually read it). Next, another giant subscribe button will appear; click it. Enter your credit or debit card information  into the spaces provided or use PayPal (you will not be charged your $1 monthly fee until after the first month, and you can unsubscribe at any time) and then, finally, click COMPLETE SUBSCRIPTION. Ta-da! You have subscribed. Now, you can access my exclusive interview with model Annika Backes (oops, did I spill the beans?) on your computer, smartphone or tablet (just download the TidBitts app!).

I am very excited, and I hope you are too. Thank you exponentially for putting one dollar of your earnings towards my writings and be prepared to be amazed! I won't let you down.