Lazy Girl Guide to Looking Cool

I have received a satisfying amount of emails, texts, and other forms of commentary requesting articles concerning the various ensembles I clothe myself in. So here we are: Today is Thursday, September fourth in the year 2014 and this is my Outfit Of The Day. Are you ready? 

There is an extreme amount of pressure in the fashion world to look effortless. Your hair must be perfectly messed up, you shouldn't wear too much makeup in order to only enhance your natural beauty and not detract from it, and your outfit should be cohesive enough to look like you could've put it on in your sleep - but everyone knows you couldn't have thought of that killer look while dreaming because you sound like you're putting in a lot of effort. What is so bad about effort? Shouldn't we care about what we look like? I sure do, although I have continually stopped wearing makeup for the majority of the time (more on this soon) and lately, I have been working so diligently that sleep isn't a readily accessible option. I am not a morning person. I fall asleep on the toilet four out five mornings. I have adopted laziness when it comes to getting dressed in the morning... but onlookers disagree. 

Today, I dressed myself in a haze. When my alarm clock screamed from the bathroom, where it sits without fear of being snoozed as I groggily crawl from underneath my warm covers to shut it off, the first thing that came to mind was: "SHIT. It's Thursday." Thursday is always one of those four days I fall asleep on the toilet, and this Thursday was no exception. When I finally made it upstairs to clothe myself, it was 6:45am. Math is first period, so here is an equation: fifteen minutes to get ready + a high of eighty degrees for the day = definitive lazy dressing. I literally threw on the first items I saw: jeans, a tank top, a sweater, and boots. I buckled my belt as I curled my eyelashes and put earrings on as I grabbed a granola bar from the kitchen. I was still three minutes late to class but hey, I remembered to do my homework! 

The actions I just described illuminate the thoughtlessness of my morning routine. Today I received countless compliments on how "cool" I looked, but personally I do not think I look extraordinarily cool. I was actually hot... as in sweaty. Very sweaty. Very sticky. Not very "cool," I must concur. 

The point I am presumably trying to make is that style isn't what you wear, it's how you wear it. I tweeted this sentiment a few weeks ago and received mass agreement in the form of copious retweets and favorites. I was half-asleep throughout the duration of today's school day, but with confidence (and the promise of napping upon returning home) I managed to carry myself with the essence of style. I pulled it off, and you can too. 

My jeans were purchased at Goodwill for no more than ten dollars. They're vintage Levi 501's, and I am obsessed with them; they fit perfectly. After attacking them with scissors, sand paper, and seam-cutters, I ripped enough holes in them to make them look less like mom-jeans and more like badass leg-covers. (Badass leg-covers? I know. I am weird.) You can accomplish the same distressed look with any pair of jeans you own or embark on your own hunt at your local thrift store for the perfect high-waisted pair. Team these with a tight-fitting white tank top and a sweater in the same color family. My shirt is vividly white and the sweater is more ivory/eggshell, but if it was too matchy-matchy it wouldn't look as "cool." Lastly, match your belt to your shoes - no matter the combination, you will look ten times more pulled together. Throw on earrings, sunglasses, and a smile - you're the coolest of cool, baby baby. You're even too cool for school. 

JEANS Vintage Levi 501s
TANK T by Alexander Wang
BELT Target
BOOTS Cole Haan
JEWELRY Vintage