Molly Today, Molly Tomorrow

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For those that know me personally, the intensity of my personality is unavoidable and obvious.

I am outspoken and emotional and unafraid, which seems to aggravate my mother and intimidate boys. I do not like being told what to do. Unwavering eye contact is my specialty. I do not hold grudges. And, for what is is worth, I really love French Fries. 

New York City, replete with towering skyscrapers and urine-stained streets, might be the only city on Earth that can match my exact intensity. Each day is a clean slate; time speeds by at an almost unbelievable pace. And this ferocity perpetuates change. Since moving here almost five months ago, I have almost mastered the subway system, thus overcoming my once crippling lack of directional ability, and seem to have lost the capability to go sleep at a reasonable hour. Apparently I sound like I am from New Jersey and look a bit Italian, neither of which have any veracity. My penchant for Stan Smith sneakers has grown. I have adopted a love of silk scarves, blazers, and barely-buttoned button-downs.

Most importantly, I have decided to forgo fashion journalism for a career as an investigative journalist. 

This last notion might be shocking to some. (After all, I am the girl that can point out almost every model by name and cried when Raf Simons resigned from Dior!) But perception isn't always reality. As a child, I became possessed by my interest in koalas... then animal testing... then sex trafficking. Those passions have never escaped my heart. When I stumble upon a cause, idea, problem, or person that intrigues me, I immerse myself in its information and detail like a crab burrowing itself in the sand. 

Everyone in New York is beautiful and fashionable and busy. Everyone is intelligent. I've learned that it is dramatically more challenging to compete with versions of yourself than it is to compete with those that surround you. I only aim to become the best version of myself, and therefore am racing against the Molly of yesterday and the Molly of tomorrow in an exhaustive, amazing sprint.

Ultimately, learning more about myself and adapting to such realizations is a workout in itself. It is quite possible that I am too competitive and too thirsty for a challenge. There are a multitude of layers to my personality. On the surface, this blog portrays my love of fashion, but I am always striving for each article to promote confidence. Without confidence, I would not have been able to trust my instincts sans self-doubt and accept my life-long interest in crime as my truest calling. I believe I can contribute more to society than explanations on how to wear certain outfits (not to say that such advice is unimportant!) because, as tragedy strikes every corner of our world almost every day, change is imminent. I want to be on the forefront of such shifts. I can use my voice for a broader purpose, and I want to inspire others to do the same. I do not enjoy being pigeonholed into a box. 

I have put my heart and soul into Pull This Off, and I do not intend to abandon what has become my baby because of my simple change of heart. This blog will continue onwards as the personal journal it always has existed as, replete with sartorial stories and narrative explanations. Enamored with storytelling, I want to extend my focus onto honing my interview skills and further exploring differing notions of beauty. I will still write about my love of personal style, because clothing enables personality and intelligence to shine and sparkle without speaking, and I am eager to share my photography. I am perpetually, exponentially grateful for the support of everyone who takes such in interest in what I write and what I do.

With every New York City day beginning and ending with an adventure, I have way too many stories to tell. Would you care to hear about the time a homeless man tried to kiss me? Or about the Russian who proposed me to outside a concert hall? There is no denying that I attract weirdness. Living an easy, uneventful, normal life would be boring. And, if I know anything at all, I know that that life I am living and the person I am becoming is far from that.