Admiring From Afar: Met Gala 2015

If every prom cost $25,000 dollars to attend and every ensemble was designed by a luxurious label and every attendee were a ridiculously good-looking and talented celebrity, then the Met Gala would the epitome of a Vogue Prom. 

Wait, you're telling me that Anna Wintour doesn't plan your prom? 

As I explained last year, the Met Gala is by far the most emblematic and important night of the entire fashion calendar. And as the Metropolitan Museum in New York unveils its sprawling, 140-piece China: Through The Looking Glass exhibit, which, as Racked executive editor Izzy Grinspan says, "was put together as a joint undertaking between the Costume Institute and the Met's Department of Asian Art, which is celebrating its centennial this year", the Met Gala theme follows suit. What might be perceived as a blatant act of appropriation of Chinese culture is proclaimed to be quite the opposite; definitive text on the wall of the exhibit plaintively reads: "This exhibition is not about China per se, but about a collective fantasy of China." Open from May seventh to August sixteenth, China: Through The Looking Glass is meant to explore how Chinese aesthetics have impacted Western high fashion. 

Aligning in perfect timing with news of China's booming economic market, both the sprawling exhibit and the glamorous Gala are spectacles to be admired. To attend the Met Gala is to distinctly state that the hefty ticket price is not a blunder to one's wallet; contradictorily, many designers and fashion houses will pay for the tickets of their "favorite" models, actresses, and other individuals in order to bring them as dates, clothed in the respective brand's wears.

What strikes me as surprising is that the prestigious Met Gala is appealing to an even younger crowd, as barely-legal models tangible to Kendall Jenner promote their attendance alongside veterans like Madonna. Additionally, a documentary featuring this year's Met Gala, produced by Fabiola Beracasa-Beckman, will seemingly shattering the event's utter exclusivity by allowing individuals from around the world to witness how much effort goes into preparing for one fabulous night. Hopefully this "reveal" will shatter misconceptions about the fashion industry; after all, the events acts as a fundraiser for the Museum. Last year, Wintour's event raised upwards of nine million for the Met. 

But enough babble. I'm admiring from afar; my Instagram and Twitter feeds have been transformed from idle teenage banter to hardcore Met Gala stalking. Who wore what? Who came with whom? These are the hard-hitting questions, people, and I have the answers. The slideshow below showcases Rihanna's spellbinding outfit (because when doesn't she steal the show?), Sarah Jessica Parker's somewhat confusing headdress, and an array of other fashion highlights from 2015's Met Gala. Some followed the theme, adorning themselves in delicate flowers and ornate details, and others ignored the rules to make their own statements. And isn't that what fashion is all about? 

All images by Getty via Business Insider and WhoWhatWear