Not Just A Pretty Face

Pull This Off's Not Just A Pretty Face article illustrates how #ThePowerOfMakeup can be benevolent, transformative, and impactful, challenging those who accuse makeup of being "antifeminist" and "shameful". Skillful makeup accentuates outer beauty, allowing for individuals to feel confident about both external appearances and internal characteristics. Dior makeup artist Vesna Zaimovic showcases a distinctive look that can be easily recreated at home. Share your take on this summer beauty idea by tagging @mintzmolly and #PullThisOffBlog on Instagram and Twitter!

"My appearance isn't the most important factor in my life," Shayna Glazer affirmed, reflecting on eighteen years of dance recitals and school functions. "I first and foremost try to be an inviting and kind person and find other ways to express myself, [like] through dance."

Her affirmation rang true. Shayna arrived to the shoot barefaced, wearing a simple tank top and jean shorts accentuated with golden gladiator sandals and a jeweled necklace; she immediately began conversing with the other models waiting for their turn in the chair, a smile fixed permanently on her face. When I announced that her look would be reminiscent of old-Hollywood glamour, her eyes widened nervously, acknowledging that such a daring style was one she had never attempted before. However, that aforementioned graciousness revealed itself yet again as makeup artist Vesna Zaimovic began to work her magic - Shayna chatted and smiled through her discomfort, sneaking glances in the mirror at her exaggerated brows and shocking lips, eventually realizing that the sophisticated style was truly complimentary of her naturally strong features. 

Vesna began by prepping Shayna's skin with Capture Totale Dreamskin, a universal skin-perfector that acts as a replenishing base for any makeup. After massaging the fluid into the skin, she chose a clean foundation brush and began blending Diorskin Star Fluid Foundation in Light Beige all over Shayna's face and down her neck, utilizing rapid, sweeping strokes to prevent streaking. "Our Star Foundation dries quickly," Vesna mused, intently focused on her craft. "You have to move fast. But it's long-wear, and gives solid coverage. And it's brightening!" Arming herself with an Expert Brow Pencil in Universal Brown, she filled Shayna's eyebrows with light-handed, barely-there dabs of brown pencil, transforming her already full eyebrows into strong, arching caterpillars. "Eyebrows are sisters, not twins," Vesna chided, noting that even the most perfection-driven individuals should celebrate the small differences between each brow. Keeping the focus on Shayna's eyes, Vesna then dusted the lightest shade of eyeshadow - a sandy pearl that creates an ethereal glow - from the 5 Couleurs Couture Eyeshadow Palette in Montaigne across her lid with an eyeshadow brush. Liner came next; she first drew a subtle cat-eye with Diorshow Waterproof Eye Liner in Black, following the natural curve of Shayna's sparkling eyes, then traced over the line with Diorshow Art Pen Eye Liner in Catwalk Black, blending the two lines together with a flat, square eyeliner brush. Addict It-Lash Mascara was then applied by pushing the wand upwards and outwards on the underside of the top lashes, with an extra coat on the outer eyelashes to accentuate the glamorous cat-eye style, plus a light coat on the lower lashes to add definition. Vesna proceeded to pat concealer from the Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen in Candlelight underneath Shayna's eyes, covering stray mascara and liner smudges as well as illuminating her slight shadows. (Remember to get lots of sleep!) Switching the focus to lips, Vesna lined and filled Shayna's pout with Rouge Dior Contour Nude, a translucent lip-liner that prevents bleeding, then carefully applied Rouge Dior in 999 with a Q-Tip. "You could use a brush, too," Vesna explained. "Accuracy is important. Don't just swipe it on, especially when you're using such a powerful red." She strengthened the lip color, the focus of the entire look, with the coordinating Contour Lip Liner in 999, tracing the outline of her lips and filling in the corners of her smile. Scampering away to a different counter, Vesna returned with Trish McEvoy's Eye Brightener Pencil in Cream; by lining Shayna's lower waterline, her entire face instantly brightened and she looked visibly awake and alert. "It's really important that you always use a brush, for any makeup application" Vesna instructed, finishing the alluring makeup with a gentle sweep of Rosy Glow Blush on the outer apples of Shayna's cheeks. "Oh, doesn't she just look beautiful?" 

Indeed, Shayna's striking makeup is beautiful, and Shayna is beautiful, as well. Makeup allows for any individual to adopt new traits, either for eternity or simply for a night on the town; by changing one's face, the wearer can change the way he or she acts and thinks, and the way he or she is perceived. The old-Hollywood glamour of subtle cat-eyes and striking red lipstick is straightforward and dominating. Red lipstick requires confidence, after all! It can be worn during the day or at night - Vesna's handiwork produced a seductive style that can easily be recreated at home, with any makeup products, and is flattering on all skin tones and face shapes.

With one long glimpse at her reflection in the mirror, Shayna's worries were had vanished. "I feel sophisticated and elegant. Especially the red lips! I feel very glamorous, like I should be on a red carpet," she mused. (Hours after our photo shoot, she texted me to express her adoration with her mature makeup, sharing that while it took a while to adjust to the attention ruby red lips attract, she would definitely attempt to recreate it at home.) But is makeup all that valuable to a dancer primarily focused on maintaining a caring personality?

"Beauty is important to me because it's not just about a pretty face," Shayna concluded firmly. "It is almost like making your inner beauty match your outer beauty and express yourself."

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Shayna Glazer photographed by Molly Mintz on June 28th, 2015. Special thanks to Neiman Marcus, Vesna Zaimovic, and Shayna Glazer. All makeup products available at Neiman Marcus. Remember to share your take on these summer beauty ideas by tagging @mintzmolly and #PullThisOffBlog on Instagram and Twitter.